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Reseller Information regarding our hosted VoIP Services

We work with carefully selected partners/resellers on either a wholesale or commission basis and offer an online control panel so that you can manage your customers directly.

Wholesale (Margin) Scheme

Our wholesale partners are billed monthly for all of their customers’ usage and are responsible for setting their own prices and billing their customers. Wholesale partners own their customers and are ultimately responsible for collecting payment from them. We expect our wholesale partners to add value to our services, for example, by bundling management/support or other services.

Commission (Agent) Scheme

Our commission partners introduce customers to SpecTronics and receive commission from us for as long as they’re active. SpecTronics owns the customers and are responsible for billing and collecting payment. Commission partners receive a monthly payment from us based on an agreed percentage of their customers’ total spend.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to know more about either model or find out about becoming a VoIP reseller, please contact us.