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SpecTronics VoIP Business Telephone Numbers that fit your Profile

We can provide business phone numbers in any UK area code and all of our packages include at least one. You’re not even limited to a number in the area from which you live or operate, for example an office in Manchester could choose to have numbers in London and Edinburgh to appear ‘local’ to a wider audience.

  • 01 & 02 Geographic or ‘Local’ Numbers
  • 0207 & 0203 London Numbers
  • 0870, 0845 & 0844 Non-Geographic Numbers
  • 0333 UK-Wide Numbers
  • 0800 Freephone Numbers
  • International Numbers (from over 50 countries)

Keep your number

In addition to providing new phone numbers, we can transfer numbers from most UK providers including BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and Skype so you don’t risk losing business. Ported numbers can be used with any of our services.

Memorable numbers

Your telephone number is an important part of your business so why not enhance your image with a memorable number? Starting at only £50, we have a large selection of special numbers which include double/triple/quarduple digits as well as repeating sequences. Examples include our own 03333 444 110.