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Hosted VoIP for Flexible and Affordable Business Phone Systems

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VoIP is a service which replaces your traditional, analogue phone system with one that operates digitally, over the internet. Most large businesses already use VoIP systems as the cost is dramatically lower than traditional systems, and smaller businesses are following suit as their telecoms contracts end.

Beyond cost, VoIP offers single users and businesses incredible advantages. Audio quality is crystal clear, and with SpecTronics UK you have unparalleled flexibility and control over your telecoms though a virtual PBX, where you can manage your entire phone system from any computer with an internet connection. We also provide excellent set-up and maintenance support and can manage your system for you.

Key features

At SpecTronics UK we provide affordable, flexible, business phone systems, and unlike our competitors, we won’t surprise you with charges for advanced features.

  • Packages from £2.50 per user per month
  • Calls from 0.25p/min (landline), 3p/min (mobile)
  • Supports flexible & home-based working
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Place and receive calls from your smartphone
  • No more line rental
  • Quick and easy to set up & change
  • Highly scalable – Grows with your business
  • Expert on-site or remote support available
  • See all the features of our Hosted VoIP

The Benefits for Business

You may have already come to expect some of the above features from your business’ telecoms, so what advantages can SpecTronics UK’s hosted VoIP provide?

We’ve got packages to suit every budget, starting from just £2.50 per user per month. Most of our clients find that they are able to significantly reduce their phone bills when using VoIP instead of a traditional BT or ISDN line. This cost saving extends to both the core systems and the call charges.
A VoIP phone can be connected to any internet access point, giving you and your employees high-quality telephone access regardless of location. Make and receive work calls from home, through the same system you use at the office.
Staff who travel frequently can be provided with a headset and additional software to allow them to connect through their laptop – or use Softphone for their iPhone or Android device to use the business phone system from their mobile and benefit from low-cost calls anywhere in the world.
Operating your business from your home phone number or mobile can hurt your professional image. As part of our VoIP system, SpecTronics UK can provide you with numbers from any UK/US region, as well as many other countries – making your business appear to be located wherever your customers are.
SpecTronics UK makes it easy to move your current number from an existing provider (such as BT, Talk Talk, Virgin, etc). We also offer a managed set-up package, where we will set up your call routing and extensions. Alternatively, we have a self-service option, where you can build and set up your own custom system online.

Superfast Fibre and Fast ADSL Broadband to enhance your VoIP experience

Our broadband packages are designed to enhance your VoIP and general browsing experience. We prioritise VoIP traffic at all times to improve call quality and reliability and, unlike most “cheap” providers, we offer a guaranteed minimum bandwidth so you’ll never slow to a crawl, even at the busiest times of day. Our broadband packages are available with or without our VoIP service.