///Start As You Mean To Continue – Part 1 – Email Addresses

Start As You Mean To Continue – Part 1 – Email Addresses


If you are thinking about setting up your own business, getting off on the right foot is imperative. Astonishingly, over half of all new businesses in the UK fold in their first year. Even more surprisingly, this figure increases to roughly 80% after five years. Predictably, people starting up a second business (after a failed first one) are more often than not successful. We can safely assume from this that having the first failure has taught these people lessons that they benefitted from the second time around.

Fortunately, all the information that people need to be successful is there from the very start. Unfortunately, people do not take an interest for two reasons; stubbornness and a ‘lack of time.’ By putting in just a few days of research, the chances of failure decrease, and if a few days is all it takes to increase your businesses’ chances of success then this is time well spent. With the above in mind, in this short miniseries, we will explore some of the most crucial technology points to give you an edge.

Creating the right email address

Choosing the right provider for your email is actually very important. There are thousands of UK businesses that currently have a Hotmail or Yahoo extension that they are using as their business account. This is one of the first major ‘red flags’ potential clients will invariably spot, and it is something that can be avoided.

Setting up an email is one of the first things you will do if you are thinking about starting your own business. For example, if your company is called Carpet Exterminators, and you go to Hotmail to obtain [email protected], but it’s gone, there is the first issue. Now, you have to choose something different, so you finally settle on [email protected] for your address. For a start, this is hard to remember and long-winded, which could cause issues when people try to type it, but on top of that, how professional does that email address look? In fact, how professional does the Hotmail extension look on either of those addresses?

Now, consider the benefits of having your own @your-company.com addresses. The first benefit is that you can create a multitude of email addresses all ending @your-company.com. Reverting to the example above, you could have:

The choices are endless. This gives the impression that your company is not only professional, but has several divisions, which is great for brand building.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about using the often complicated email systems provided to you by your current host. It is a common misconception that your website an email hosting are intricately linked which is simply not the case. Therefore, why not consider getting SpecTronics to get you going with Google Apps UK from just £3.30 a month. One of many benefits you receive is that you can have your own email extension on one of the world’s largest, easy to use providers. On top of this, space is never an issue as every account comes with 25GB, which is 50 times the industry average.


Above are just a few of the many benefits you receive if you choose to use SpecTronics, an authorised Google Apps London reseller. In the part two, we will explore more about the downsides of using a ‘business’ mobile phone as your recognised number given how easy and inexpensive it is to implement Hosted VoIP as an alternative.

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