Would You Pay to Get Your Business’s Data Back?

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If you came to work one morning and found that your company was the victim of a ransomware attack, would you pay the ransom? Find out why security experts recommend not giving into hackers’ demands and why many organizations do not heed this advice. In December 2017, a county government employee fell for a phishing [...]

4 Security and Privacy Dangers Businesses Might Encounter in 2018

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Data breaches and ransomware are not the only dangers your business might face in 2018. Here are four predictions you should be aware of when developing your security and data privacy strategies. Data breaches and ransomware took center stage in 2017. Not surprisingly, they will continue to cause concern for companies worldwide in 2018. However, [...]

What You Need to Know about Cryptojacking

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Cryptojacking is on the rise. Learn what cryptojacking is and how to protect your business’s computers from it. A new type of cybercrime known as cryptojacking is on the rise. Cybercriminals engaging in this activity are not looking to steal your money or your data. Instead, they want to steal your computer’s processing power. What [...]

Why SME Companies in South West London Need an IT Support Package

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If your laptop has ever broken down at home, you’ll know how inconvenient it can be to try and troubleshoot the problem, then take it in for repair. However, when it happens in a work environment, it can be even more inconvenient. When you run a small or medium sized business, you usually won’t have [...]

How to Determine How Much Your Employees’ Time Is Worth

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There are often extra tasks that need to be done in a business. To determine whether it is best to do them in-house or outsource them, it helps to know what your employees’ time is worth. Here is a straightforward calculation you can use. In small and midsized businesses, there are often tasks that need [...]

7 Best Practices When Creating and Using an Incident Response Plan

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Data breaches are on the rise, so it is a good idea to develop an incident response plan in case your business becomes the next victim. Here are seven best practices to follow when creating and using an incident response plan. The news is not good — 2017 is the worst year ever for data [...]

What You Need to Know about the General Data Protection Regulation

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No matter where in the world your company is located, you need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if you conduct business with anyone in Europe. GDPR is a piece of legislation passed by the European Union (EU) Parliament in 2016. It consists of 99 articles that are grouped into 11 chapters, [...]

Don’t Let Power Surges Damage Your Computers

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Power surges can damage your electronic devices and even cause them to fail. Learn about an effective yet affordable way to protect the IT assets in your business. The computers in your business are at risk from more than just cyberattacks. They could fall victim to another threat: power surges. Simply put, a surge is [...]

Hackers Are Masquerading as Trusted Business Contacts

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In November 2017, hackers sent out spear-phishing emails specifically targeting employees who handled their companies’ finances. To trick the employees into falling for the scam, they made the emails appear to be from trusted business associates. Learn more about this spear phishing attack and how to protect your business from this type of scam. [...]