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Setting Up your Wireless Router

Wireless Router
The freedom of wireless allows computers in your home to connect to the internet and to each other without any messy cables. You can roam around the house (and garden!), move computers about, even redecorate, and always stay connected.

To get the best out of your wireless router and get it up and running fast, you need the SpecTronics UK wireless router setup service. Our trained and fully qualified engineer will come to your home at a convenient and pre-arranged time. We’ll get your wireless router up and running as fast as possible for a hassle-free experience.

Router installation includes:

  • Set-up and configuration of the router/device, either wired or wireless depending on customer’s wishes and equipment capability, for Internet connection
  • Enable any required security access control
  • Demonstration of Internet connectivity
  • Familiarisation of router connectivity process

While we’re at your place…

These days there are plenty of household devices which can be connected wirelessly- for example additional computers, games consoles (XBox, Wii, PS3) and digital TV boxes. Our engineer can set these up for you as well – just make sure you ask about these when you contact us.