Configuring Zoiper on your mobile device (iOS/Android/Windows Phone)

/Configuring Zoiper on your mobile device (iOS/Android/Windows Phone)

Configuring Zoiper on your mobile device (iOS/Android/Windows Phone)

The Zoiper softphone client is a softphone that allows you to register a SpecTronics extension on your mobile phone. It is a free application and works with Android (from the Play store) and the iPhone (from the App Store). SpecTronics is on the approved provider list within the application making setup very easy

1. Download Zoiper

Download the application by searching for Zoiper on your phone’s app store. Alternatively, use the links below:

Android – Zoper from Google Play Store
iPhone – Zoiper from Apple App Store
Windows Phone – Zoiper from Microsoft Store

2. Allow Application Permissions

Allow Zoiper all requested access permissions, including Microphone, Camera, and Contacts.

3. Choose Provider

Add your SpecTronics extension by going to Settings – Accounts – Select a provider. When prompted select SpecTronics UK from the list of providers.

4. Enter login details

The Username and Password you are prompted for will be as follows:

  • Username: your seven digit extension number
  • Password: the password used to login to the extension (usually 15 characters)

You do not need to change any other settings to make and receive calls but you may wish to customise the application for your own requirements.