/Configuring your Cisco SPA504G or other SPAxxx phone

Configuring your Cisco SPA504G or other SPAxxx phone

Basic Configuration

Most phones purchased directly from SpecTronics will either arrive pre-programmed or will include some engineering time to program them remotely for you.

Unpack the phone, plug it in and connect it to your router. Switch the power on and leave the phone to initialise for two minutes.

  • Press the Setup Key (folded page Icon Key)
  • Select option 9 for network settings
  • Make a note of the Current IP address

Type the IP address into your browser like this: http://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn/admin/advanced (replace each nnn by as many digits as appear in the phone display, for example, then press Enter, you should now see the Cisco webpage showing the status of the phone.

Click the Ext 1 tab at the top.

SPA504G Configuration

The important fields here are all provided in your welcome email or the control panel for the first (default) extension:

  • Proxy and Registration section: Proxy (the SIP proxy server) and also the Outbound NAT proxy server (if required)
  • Subscriber info section: User ID and Auth ID, and Password (your account password set in the Extensions control panel).

Click Submit all Changes and the phone will restart and register with the service provider.


SPA504G Configuration 2

By Default we support the G711a or G711u Codecs but if you are using multiple phones on your broadband connection, or you have a low bandwidth internet connection, then in the Audio Configuration section we recommend you choose G729a as the Preferred Codec. This will allow the phone to use less bandwidth where possible.

Please note that if you wish to use G729a you will need to request that this codec is enabled for your extension.