/Configuring the Bria app for iPhone

Configuring the Bria app for iPhone

Bria for iPhone is produced by CounterPath, the same company who produce the popular X-Lite softphone. The app is available from the iTunes App Store. SpecTronics has no affiliation with CounterPath.

Basic configuration

After you have downloaded the app, launch it. the first time you run the app it should ask you to setup a VoIP account. If this is not the first time you have started the app, go to SettingsAccount Settings and then add a new SIP – Calling account.

Enter the following credentials:

  • Display as: the name you wish to use to help you identify the account
  • Username: your seven digit extension number
  • Password: the password used to login to the extension (usually 15 characters)
  • Domain: enter sip.spectronics.co.uk
  • VM Number: enter *1

Basic Settings 1

Scroll down to the Account Advanced section and enter the following (all other settings can be left default):

  • Out. Proxy: enter nat.spectronics.co.uk:5082
  • Auth Name: your seven digit extension number

Basic Settings 2

Go back to the SIP Account and toggle Enabled to on. You should now be able to make calls by clicking on the Phone icon at the bottom of the screen.

Basic Settings 3


Client not ringing when a call is received

There have been reports that users may experience unusual behaviour on iPhones that have been updated to iOS 5 and later, namely that when a call is received the phone does not ring.

This is because the notifications centre on the iPhone is reset, disabling the call alert notification. The fix is to go to your iPhone Settings App and then Notification Centre, and enable notifications for Bria.

Troubleshooting 1