Changing your outgoing voicemail message

/Changing your outgoing voicemail message

Changing your outgoing voicemail message

Standard configuration

There are many ways to change your voicemail, it can be done using a registered handset, a telephone or via your control panel.

Using a registered handset

To change the outgoing message of an extension you are using, dial *1 from your handset. This takes you to your voicemail account, simply press zero for mailbox options. Press one to change your unavailable message, and then simply follow the instructions.

Using another telephone

You can use a landline telephone to change the voicemail of any of your extensions or hunt groups. Dial 0870 861 6661 to access your voicemail box. You will need to know your seven digit extension number and that extension’s PIN. If you don’t know your PIN, it can be found by clicking on your extension number in the control panel and scrolling to Voicemail Settings.

Once you know your extension number and PIN dial 0870 861 6661 and enter your those details when prompted. Once logged in press zero for mailbox options, and then one to change your unavailable message.

Using your control panel

Changing your outgoing voicemail message using your control panel allows you to use a pre-recorded message, which can be used for company branding. It is a two step process, the first is to record or upload your custom message.

Once you have logged into your control panel, click on Setup, then Voice Prompts. This is the area where all voice messages on your account are stored, including the ones that you use in voice menus and messages before ringing.

To create a new prompt on your account, click Record New Voice Prompt. Enter a descriptive name for the prompt and click Continue.

You now have two methods of adding your recording to the system. Firstly, you can upload a .WAV file if you have recorded the message in advanced and have the file on your computer. To do this, click  the upload link and select the file.

Alternatively you can record the file using a telephone. If you are using a VoIP phone, simply dial 188 and enter the nine digit PIN code that you should see alongside your new prompt. Follow the instructions to record your message. It doesn’t matter if you use a phone that is not registered to your account, as the PIN code is unique to that new prompt.

If you are using a landline telephone, simply dial 0870 861 6662 and follow the instructions.

If you want to update your message in the future, you can return to this section and either upload a new one, or click Update to replace an existing prompt. This will generate another unique nine digit PIN code to use.

The second step in the process is to assign your new message to your extension. To do this, click on Extensions from the left hand menu, and then the extension you wish to edit.

Scroll to Voicemail Settings and use the dropdown box alongside Outgoing Message to select your recorded voice prompt. You may wish to check the Intro Skip box, which will ensure that the message“please leave a message after the tone” is not played.

Click Save to complete the process.

Advanced Configuration

Our voicemail system supports a separate message to be played when your extension is busy and you have switched off call waiting. The only way to customise this message is via your handset. Dial *1 to access your voicemail account, press zero for your voicemail options and then press two to change your busy message.

Please note that by default when using our phone services you will hear that there is a call waiting, and callers will not hear a standard ‘engaged tone’.

Therefore if you want to use this busy message you need to manually disable call waiting on your phone. The user documentation for your device should tell you how to do this.