Network Design

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Networks Designed for increased productivity

SpecTronics UK has a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering network solutions to many types of industry sectors. Call us now on 03333 444 110 to find out how we can help you.

Structured cabling and cable management

SpecTronics UK can wire your work premises with category 5/6 cabling. In particular, we can manage the logical unification of disparate cabling technologies which may otherwise cause gremlins in your network.

Remote Access & Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

SpecTronics UK is a leading provider of VPN technology. Virtual Private Networks offer a secure and inexpensive way to connect remote users, offices or mobile employees to your network.

Increase your productivity and save money by offering your employees remote access to your system, allowing them to work off-site, on the move, or from home. Combined with our Hosted VoIP solutions, you may wonder why you have an office in the first place!

Wide Area Networking

Installing a Wide Area Network (WAN) solution unleashes the full potential of your business. WAN solutions allow you to connect to regional offices and remote sites. In addition to planning and installing a WAN, SpecTronics UK will ensure that performance, speed and reliability are maintained and optimised.

High-speed cable/ADSL connections

SpecTronics UK will actively seek to provide you with the fastest connection possible to the Internet. This will not only benefit you in surfing the web, but will enable fast download of files and off-site maintenance of your system by our support team. ADSL/fiber optic technology can be used to facilitate remote access and can also be used to create a link to remote offices via VPNs.

Voice-over-IP telephone systems

Whether you have existing equipment or nothing, SpecTronics UK can help your business take advantage of the operational and cost benefits of using internet based telephone services. We can provide geographic and non geographic numbers and the systems to make them work for you. You may even find that a switch to VoIP can significantly reduce your monthly expenditure.