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Google Sites

Google Sites is an easy way to organise information in a central location for secure collaboration between colleagues, teams or even external clients. Google Sites is a fully hosted offering; no software to deploy or servers to maintain. You retain full control of document and site security and with whom you share this information. You can use Sites to build a company intranet and internal project sites for your business.

Corporate Intranet Challenges:

  • Companies need to share information across distributed employee base
  • Specialized software can be cost-prohibitive for small and mid-sized companies
  • On premise software requires additional hardware, IT support
  • Current intranet solutions require IT help to update content (e.g. HR policies) and can be burdensome
  • Need for resources frequently result in stagnant or non-existent intranets limiting communication to employees

Google Sites provides:

  • Anywhere/Anytime access to the corporate intranet for distributed or remote users
  • End-users can update content themselves, no need for web design skills
  • Easy to keep content up-to-date
  • Corporate templates allow consistent look and feel
  • No additional software to purchase, included in Google Apps subscription
  • No hardware or software to support or patch
  • Full document security controls built-in